Morning Ritual: Kait Hurley

Kait Hurley is a digital entrepreneur, co-founder of the KAIT app, and creator of the Move + Meditate Method. Based in Portland, OR, she works with her husband Peter Marks and her teacher Kimberly Carson to deliver do-anywhere, time efficient classes that range from high intensity sweat sessions and guided runs, to more restorative options like yoga. The practices and teachings available on the app and website have been wildly transformative for Kait, and it's her deep honor to share them with others. Connect with her at her website or on Instagram.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Hi Kait, thanks for chatting with us! How do you wake up? What time?

Kait Hurley: Recently I've been on a late schedule because my husband works into the wee hours of the morning. Most nights I don't get to sleep until 1am, and I don't get out of bed until 8 or 8:30. First thing I do in the morning is drink water, then sit up and meditate. About three or four times a week, I get up and exercise first before I sit for meditation. There's nothing that energizes my body or helps me focus like movement and meditation first thing. On days when I grab my phone and start working, I notice a big difference in my mood and my ability to stay present the rest of the day.

SCR: What’s your typical breakfast? Any recipe to share?

KH: I'm currently obsessed with the Instant Pot. I love making oatmeal. Just pressure cook thick rolled oats for 3 to 4 minutes. For every cup of oats, you need 2 cups of liquid. Almond milk is my personal favorite. Then mix in some yogurt, flax, berries, and granola. My go-to granola recipe is by my friend Alison Wu. The turmeric and ginger flavors are so fresh and bright.

SCR: Does your morning routine involve coffee?

KH: Coffee is a weekend treat. I love taking my coffee with me on a morning walk.

SCR: If so, how do you take your coffee?

KH: For sure with lots of oat milk. I love it creamy!

SCR: What do you do after breakfast?

KH: Work! I run my own business. I've got an app that combines exercise with meditation, so I usually jump online shortly after I eat to see how people are doing and where they might need more support.

SCR: How do you start your day?

KH: I start each day with an intention to be open and receptive to whatever is arising now—whether I like it or not. Since I started meditating and studying with my teacher Kimberly Carson, I've learned that it takes so much courage just to stay here and trust that we have the resources and strength to be present even when it's not easy.