Bee House

A sleek and simple daily pour over, the Bee House is a favorite around here for its ease of use, and clean, sweet cup character. It’s a Japanese update on a classic paper cone brewer. Melitta Bentz invented the first version of this brewer in 1908, using her son’s blotting paper and a punctured brass pot. Today, you can find Melitta filters just about everywhere.

Bean to cup 4 Minutes

What you need

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Step 1

Weigh and grind coffee

Measure 21g or (about 3 Tablespoons) of coffee beans. Grind them to medium fine or about as fine as table salt.

Step 2

Prep the brewer

Fold a Melitta #4 filter down the scalloped edges. Insert it into the Bee House Brewer and place it on top of your mug or pitcher. Pre-rinse the filter with hot water to rinse out the paper flavor and preheat your brewer and mug. Make sure to chuck this rinse water before you begin brewing. Add the ground coffee to the filter and zero out the scale.

Step 3

Saturate the grounds

Start the timer once you add hot water. Saturate the grounds, then give them a stir to break up the clumps. Coffee degasses or blooms when it’s fresh – the coffee bed should rise up and bubble up a bit.

Step 4

Fill the brewer

Pour the water evenly in a spiral over the coffee bed and slowly fill the brewer to the top. Pour over the dark spots and avoid the light ones as you bring the weight up to about 380g by 1:00.

Step 5

Serve and enjoy

Once you hit 2:00, your mug should be almost full (or you should have about 10 oz of brewed coffee). If there is still water in left in the brewer at this time, don’t sweat it. Remove the dripper from atop the mug and place it in the sink.


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