Ecuador Fausto Romo


We were introduced to Ecuador Fausto Romo in 2018 while participating as judges at the Taza Dorada national cupping competition in Ecuador. Out of the many coffees we tasted, our favorite was this extraordinary single origin from coffee producer Fausto Romo. And we're honored to offer it, years later.

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The Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

A sparkling cup featuring notes of juicy peach, raspberry and honey, elevated by a delicate floral finish.

  • Peach

  • Raspberry

  • Floral

The Story

We got our first taste of the magic of Fausto Romo’s coffee back in 2018 while serving as judges at the Taza Dorada national cupping competition in Ecuador. We tasted many coffees that day, and this lot from Fausto Romo won our hearts.

Fausto farms the unique Sidra variety on his three hectare farm, Finca Carolina, in northern Ecuador’s Pichincha province. Before becoming a coffee farmer seven years ago, Fausto worked as a dairy farmer. Fausto’s uncle encouraged him to try coffee farming, and gave him the original Sidra seeds that would come to define Fausto’s production. After his very first harvest, Fausto fell in love with coffee and never looked back.

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