Hario V60 Filters (100 Pack)


The V60 is a sleek brewer for coffee makers at every level and V60’s signature filters showcase what this nuanced and versatile brewer is truly capable of.


How to Brew

These guides serve as a good place to start. The grinder you use, coffee you choose, and yes, even the water from your sink, can alter the taste in the cup. Play around with your brewer and parameters to get each coffee to taste just how you like it.

  1. Fold and rinse filter

    Fold into cone & rinse

  2. Measure and grind

    Grind 21g as fine as kosher salt

  3. Saturate the grounds

    Start timer & saturate grounds

  4. Pour Continuously

    Pour in continuous spiral every 10-15 seconds

  5. Remove brewer and enjoy

    At 3:00, remove brewer & enjoy


Thin paper filters that are essential for brewing that delightfully clean, V60 cup.

- Ideal for use with Hario V60
- 100 paper filters per box
- Size medium (02)
- Made in Japan

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