Vivid Bloom


A spring-worthy blend of exquisite, floral-forward coffees from the Huye district of Rwanda and the Tolima region of Colombia. One sip is sure to take you on a beautiful, botanic coffee ride.

BONUS: Stumptown will donate a portion of all 12oz bag sales to support local bee & pollination organizations.


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The Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

An elegant and floral-forward cup with notes of rose and orange blossom, baked pear and melted chocolate

  • Rose Blossom

  • Orange Blossom

  • Baked Pear

  • Melted Chocolate

How To Brew

It all starts with a bloom.

The coffee we drink was once a little white flower, the art we create started as a budding idea, the experiences we draw from make us grow and blossom.

This Spring, we’ve collaborated with our friends at Fresh Cut Flowers to celebrate the beauty of all things in bloom: from a capsule collection of apparel, to floral installations in our cafes, to this limited release coffee.

But wait… does Vivid Bloom actually taste like flowers? Not exactly. Like wine, coffee exhibits both “tasting” and “aromatic” notes unique to their region, climate and terroir. In this case, coffees from the Huye district of Rwanda and the Tolima region of Colombia are blended to create an easy-drinking beverage that exhibits notes of rose and orange blossom, followed by baked pear and a melted chocolate finish.

Come along and drink in the beauty.

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