Vacuum Pot

The vacuum pot, also called the syphon, is a beautiful and flashy way to make great coffee. Invented in Germany in the early 19th century, it’s a full immersion brewer that also employs a metal or cloth filter, so you end up with a full-bodied and clean cup. This brew method can be rather finicky, but with some practice can certainly be mastered.

Bean to cup 6 Minutes

What you need

Step 1

Prep filter

Pull the chain of the metal filter attachment down and sink it. The clip attaches at the bottom of the funnel.

Step 2

Add water

Use pre-heated water to make things move a lot quicker when brewing. Make sure the outside of the globe is completely dry before you apply heat to prevent it from cracking. Fill the globe to the No. 5 mark.

Step 3

Apply heat

Vac pots usually come with a candle burner, but a butane burner (shown here) is much more effective. Turn the burner on and up high. Loosely place the funnel inside the globe so it sits at an angle while you wait for the water to boil—boil times vary.

Step 4

Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 40 grams (about 6 Tablespoons) of coffee. Grind coffee to a medium coarseness or about as fine as table salt.

Step 5

Attach top

Once the water starts to boil, attach the top funnel securely to the globe.

Step 6

Add coffee

When the top assembly fills (you’ll want a little water remaining in the globe), create a whirlpool and add the coffee directly into the water. Start a count-up timer.

Step 7

Turn down the heat

Adjust your burner to lower the flame. Give the mixture a stir, immersing the coffee completely. At :40 seconds, stir it again. This second stir is more of a gentle fold, making sure everything is completely saturated.

Step 8

The draw

At 1:30, turn the heat off completely and give it a big swirl. Wait for the coffee to draw down through the filter into the globe, which should be finished at approximately 3:00.

Step 9

Serve and enjoy

Place the top funnel in the black base and remove the globe from the stand. You might want to use hot pads or a kitchen towel.


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