Honduras El Puente


Like our partnership with Moisés Herrera and Marysabel Caballero of Finca El Puente, this single-origin offering is warm and welcoming. It’s a quintessential coffee and we look forward to bringing it back to our menu year after year.


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The Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Juicy plum combines with lemon zest and vanilla cream in this classic cup.

  • Plum

  • Vanilla

  • Lemon

How to Brew

The Story

We’ve cherished our friendship with husband and wife team Moisés Herrera and Marysabel Caballero since we first started buying their exquisite coffee back in 2004. Their operation in the renowned growing region of Marcala, Honduras is a collection of 35 distinct farms—one of which, Finca El Puente, produced the first lot of coffee we bought from them.

Moisés and Marysabel are continually working to improve the quality of their coffee and the efficiency of their operations while caring for their natural environment. In 2020, they even relocated their processing facilities in an effort to reduce water usage.

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