Studio Visit with Emily Bixler

Nov 18, 2019

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is pleased to announce Emily Bixler as the latest recipient of its Artist Fellowship program. Bixler’s solo exhibition, Formations, is on view at the Downtown Portland café from November 14th, 2019 through January 12th, 2020. A recent visit with the artist found us basking in the beautiful morning light and peaceful energy of her Southeast Portland home studio. For her Stumptown Artist Fellowship exhibition, Bixler was set on using her award funds to experiment with both content and form. She crocheted thousands of yards of rope to create her new sculptures, while also returning to a drawing practice she had left behind after college.

Her process usually starts by sketching hundreds of shapes until the right one appears. She then interprets the shape in different media to capture multiple facets of the idea it represents.

Her sculptures are symbolic of the systems that support and protect us, while her drawings point to large and at times menacing monoliths.

Half of her studio is dedicated to the making of her jewelry line, Boet. After college, Bixler was frustrated by navigating the art world and shifted her practice to making jewelry. Her necklaces and earrings, not unlike her sculptures, are a working investigation of metal and fiber. It's a lovely sight to watch both of her worlds collide into one space and see the many connections between the elegant and minimalist renderings in both her practices.


Don't miss Formations, on view through January 12th, 2020.