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Mar 12, 2018

You wake up in the morning after a night out...

It was either the best or worst night of your life and all you can think about is one thing- coffee. You groggily step over a venerable lasagne of dirty laundry and empty potato chip bags and worm your way over to the kitchen, open your crusty eyes just enough, and get to brewin. You turn the kettle on and suddenly you’re transformed from cro-mag to radiant Zeus, whipping your wrist in expert circles as you bloom your coffee grounds and prepare for the slow drip to nirvana. You grab that one special mug that nobody else is allowed to use otherwise they’re dead meat, and you pour. It only took 120 seconds to realize that you’re now the most hyped zen center of the universe, equipped to now climb mountains, make magic, and shred some serious gnar (in whatever expert field you may choose).

See, a good cup of coffee is transformative. It takes you into the here and now, and anchors you to your day. It’s your ceremony and ritual, something that you tailor to be absolutely for you. Maybe you add just the right amount of cream to your cup til it’s the color of a pair of your dad’s dockers, or maybe you drink it straight-up-piping-hot-scald-your-lungs-black. You do you, buddy, but just know that all our efforts are for you to enjoy this moment to the highest degree possible.

We roasted these beans with intention just for you. Our motley group of meticulous roasters have surveyed each lot of beans with eagle eyes to determine exactly how to roast each individual batch. They can hear a First Crack from a mile away, and stand by each Probat like a doting puppy til their work is done. After their batch is emptied from the roaster, they extend a secret handshake to our road warrior delivery drivers who are entrusted with the Arthurian task of getting these magic beans straight to you. If you order coffee from us, it was roasted that very day, and that’s a promise.

Hair Bender Stands Alone

Did you know that this blend is special because it contains beans from every single coffee growing region? That’s a rare thing! Its pure existence is a microcosm of diversity. Hundreds of people are working together across the world to create this fantastic culinary item- people who have never met each other, each who works so hard on their craft.

The creation of this coffee has taken us all around the world, in search of the highest quality beans, and the most wonderful collaborators. We are so lucky to have met all of our incredible producer partners- what we do is for them.

In times like these, it’s important to know who you stand with, and where you came from. Our producer partners are our greatest allies, and most wonderful sources of inspiration. We honor them with each coffee we procure and roast. We don’t take it for granted that so many different people’s hard work contributed to this one cup of coffee. People who have never met, who live miles and miles away from each other, are connected all through this one passion: making the best cup of coffee around. We take our sourcing seriously, and make sure to get to know these people, share meals with them, and celebrate their work and community.

This one cup brings us together in one room. With each sip and exhale, we thank you.

We love Hair Bender in an old fashioned one-mug solo cup, perfect for warming those chilled hands before gettin’ that day. To brew your best single serving, we recommend using the Hario V60.

Follow our guide, to get yourself rolling.