Iggy Pop

Jun 13, 2019

Iggy Pop is a true original; a master of attitude, the guru of wild, an uncompromising artist. We've long felt ourselves to be kindred spirits with the Godfather of Punk and his artistic pursuits, and we’re so honored to collaborate with him on a special coffee.

This collab is especially close to home for us, because music has always kept us connected at Stumptown. Whether we’re running from the cafes straight to band practice with a 6 pack of Cold Brew in hand, to recording albums together, music is what holds us together. Find us dialing in ‘spro to Search and Destroy, blasting The Passenger on a desert delivery route, or carefully flat-ironing our hair before counting inventory.

Just like us, Iggy’s morning doesn’t start ripping til the coffee’s ready. He’s a machine that habitually punishes at least 3 cups a day plus a few accents of espresso. To celebrate our favorite ritual, Iggy the polymath artist designed a special bag to house his beans of choice. We dig it because it feels like a secret note from Iggy to us - something drawn with a finger on a dusty windshield, or left on a napkin at a dive bar. Enjoy your coffee with or without the company of your best bird.

Crank up some tunes and sip satisfied knowing that proceeds from each bag of Iggy’s coffee goes directly to empowering youth through music with the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. They’re an international network of organizations which work towards empowering kids who experience gender-based oppression through the radical prism of music.

The beans within the bag? They’re Indonesia Bies Penantan, an organic coffee sourced via direct trade from the Ketiara Cooperative, with tasting notes of baking chocolate and dates. The Ketiara Cooperative have been our partners since 2013, and are led by their chairwoman, Ibu Rahmah. They pride themselves on being a female-led cooperative in Indonesia - Rahmah focuses on creating gender equality through placing women in high ranking positions throughout the cooperative. They’re a group of strong powerful women, and we’re always stoked to see how they’re innovating, and continuing to support their community at origin.