A Single Origin Thanksgiving

Nov 16, 2020

The holidays will feel a bit different this year. But no matter what, you’ll still need coffee. So we’re here to help you pick the perfect coffee for every hour of your Thanksgiving holiday. This year, we’re highlighting some of our special single origin offerings. We hope they make your turkey day just a little bit brighter.


Ethiopia Mordecofe
A bright and floral cup from the birthplace of coffee. With a veritable cornucopia of juicy citrus flavors such as tangerine, grapefruit and lime, this coffee is the perfect holiday starter. It’s sure to be the first thing that you’re thankful for!


Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon
As luxurious as it is approachable, Injerto bourbon is full of brown sugar sweetness, crisp orange and cranberry acidity – a coffee you can come back to over and over as the hours tick by (believe us, we've been coming back to it for years).


(if you’re not already reaching for our Trapper Creek Decaf)

Indonesia Bies Penantan
This coffee balances clove-like spice notes with smooth chocolate and a heavy body. Exceptional with a splash of cream (or oat milk), accompanying a slice or two of pie, or on its own at the end of the evening.


Kenya Ndaroini
Whether you overindulged or not, a crisp morning cup of coffee after the holiday is the perfect way to recover. This coffee offers clean citrus notes and just enough toasted sugar sweetness, you might not even need that leftover piece of pie for breakfast (maybe).

Happy Thanksgiving