A Very Stumptown Thanksgiving

Nov 14, 2019

Well, folks, we did it -- we made it through (most of) another year, and we’ve got a long weekend and a big meal coming up to celebrate. Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions may be -- whether you share a slow day with your one and only or host a crowd and build your cooking schedule, to the minute, in Excel -- you’ll need coffee. We understand how one simple beverage could fall by the wayside while you’re consumed by selecting just the right sweet potato recipe; luckily, we’re laser-focused on coffee solutions, and we have a few suggestions for how best to keep yourself and your guests afloat on the rising tide of tryptophan.

Treat Yourself

Let’s say it’s a Thursday, and you’re up early to start cooking the most decadent meal of the year. While the oven preheats, give yourself a few minutes to breathe deeply, collect your thoughts, and review your plans one last time. For this kind of morning meditation, we recommend Guatemala El Injerto Pacamara. It would be nice of you to share, but we wouldn’t blame you for drinking the whole batch yourself. You have serious cooking to do!

Stay The Course

It’s a marathon, not a sprint; our House Blend is the perfect coffee to keep your kitchen’s engine running all day long. Rich and balanced enough to stand up to Uncle Jim’s cream and sugar onslaught, but sweet and clean enough to drink on its own, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Save Yourself

Tale as old as time -- you’re the only one in the house who really cares about the contents of your coffee cup. Rather than subject yourselves to instant coffee granules all weekend, may we suggest packing a handful of our Holler Mountain Dripkits? They’ll help provide a delicious refuge from your flavor-agnostic family or a dose of caffeinated fortitude on the road -- just add hot water. We see you, we care about you, and we’re here for you.

Go Ahead, Knock Their Socks Off

Looking for just the right gift to wow your new in-laws, pacify your persnickety aunt, or express your gratitude to a dear friend? The super-special Honduras Finca El Puente Gesha complete with stunning limited-edition jar, guarantees you’ll win the holiday hero award. Not only is it one of the most delicious coffees we’ve ever tasted, but it comes with its own premium package that will look great on a kitchen shelf for years to come or as a vase for next summer’s sunflowers.

It’s Pie Time

A post-feast tryptophan high is a glorious, once-a-year feeling, and we understand that our usually beloved caffeine can be the enemy of that particular vibe. Built expressly to nourish that vibe, however, is our excellent Trapper Creek Decaf, the unsung hero of any dinner party. It’ll pair beautifully with any autumnal sweet and still let you drift off peacefully into a turkey haze.

Happy feasting!